How it all started...

Peace Church was birthed out of obedience. After 29 years of full-time ministry, it was in obedience to the voice of God in 2004 that Bishop James and Pam Baker came to North Texas to an incredible body of believers in Mesquite.

Fourteen years later in 2017, Senior Pastors Jarrod and Karissa Baker also joined this amazing team. After serving in full-time ministry for over 17 years in Austin Texas, they were ready to lead the charge of reaching the Mesquite and East Dallas area for The Kingdom.

Expanding the vision...

Peace Church has embraced the vision to reveal purpose, recognize our calling and to walk in God’s fulfillment. Our mission is “A place where lives are TRANSFORMED, DISCIPLED, and EMPOWERED to fulfill their God-given purpose”.

This is not just words, but it is the body’s corporate and individual calling to obedience for the Kingdom’s sake, as well as each individual’s spiritual growth. It is through spiritual obedience that we see incredible blessings!

This is what we do! The ‘why’ we do it is simple; God directs us. We believe every single individual is priceless to the Kingdom of God. By God’s grace our past has no claim on our future. His grace cleans the slate of our failures, excuses, and hurts. They do not prohibit our Kingdom purpose. Your race, education, and occupation are avenues for His glory to be revealed. We are called to reach every single person and to see them “Transformed, Discipled, and Empowered” so that they can “fulfill their God-given purpose” in this world for the expansion of Christ’s Kingdom.

Where we are headed...

Our desire is for Peace Church to affect every life that it touches through Sunday services, Peace Groups and Outreach Missions which instill hope into the very heart of the Mesquite and East Dallas area. We are abundantly blessed because God is at work through Peace Church.

We invite you to take this journey with us as we embrace the mission set before us. There is no doubt that as we unite ourselves in God’s divine will, what we accomplish together will be miraculous. See for yourself how exciting life can be when our focus is clear and people are free to go after God with passion!

Be a part of our story!